Five Weeks of Light Therapy

Introduction I've been blogging over the last number of weeks about my experiences with light therapy. I now have six full weeks of data - one week demonstrating what was a typical pre-light therapy nap pattern and the other five post-light therapy nap pattern. The aggregate data seems to … Continue reading

The Hidden Price of Greatness

I recently finished a small volume entitled┬áThe Hidden Price of Greatness by Ray Beeson and Ranelda Mack Hunsicker. It is subtitled, "Encouragement from the lives of well-known Christians whose suffering produced spiritual growth." The book, including bibliography clocks in at 169 pp. I'll be … Continue reading
From J.J. Heller's music video "Who You Are."

Have Mercy On Me

Who and Why JJ Heller has been, without contest, the most important musical artist in my struggles with anxiety. I'm listening to her song┬áHave Mercy on Me and bawling my eyes out...something which I've been doing little of in recent weeks. Lyrics I'm tired of being afraid I'm wondering … Continue reading

Do We All Have OCD?

Inevitably, when I share that I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) someone says, "I think we all have some OCD." I imagine that most people are trying to normalize my experience - that is - make me feel like I'm not alone. Unfortunately, it can oftentimes come across to me (and other OCD … Continue reading